How to check Dofollow and Nofollow links

What are Dofollow and Nofollow links and How to check Dofollow and Nofollow links?

How to check Dofollow links
No-follow is an HTML tag that tells the search engine to not to follow the link on any page with Nofollow attribute, This attribute looks like rel=”no-follow” in hyperlink HTML tag. A no-follow attribute can be also be put in the page meta by entering content=”nofollow” which instructs search engines to not crawl any links of the page.

Dofollow blogs transfer their page rank and authority to Dofollow links hence commentators usually write comments on Dofollow blogs to get their page ranks high. But how to check if the blog is dofollow or nofollow? Because by default WordPress comes with “no-follow” attribute and only a few people allow dofollow to their comments. So here is the simple method which I personally use to check whether any blog I am going to comment is dofollow or nofollow.

Simply just go to any desired blog and right click on any link which is already posted on that blog by any commentator or any link to another link which you want to check.
I made a test comment link on my blog to show you guys how it works. Here is the image

You have to right-click on the link and select inspect this will take you to this screen and will highlight the element which you inspected.

look at the blue colored highlighted  line it goes like <a href="http//" rel="nofollow"> test link </a> this htm tag contains a nofollow atribute thats means my blog is a no follow blog if it would be a dofollow then the html tag would be like <a href="http//" > test link </a>.

You can also use automated tools and browser extension which are available on the internet to know the reality of link they are simple to use and easy to understand.

Just type on google dofollow link checker tool and see what comes up.
There are many dofollow link checker tools but I suggest SEO REVIEW TOOLS. This is the best dofollow link checker tool I ever had experience of.
This is how you can check Dofollow and Nofollow links easily. Please subscribe to my blog for more training sessions and leave your comments for any kind of feedback or questions.

Video tutorial:

Author: Faizan Athar
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