Adsense Cookie Data Click Fraud

Read this if you are also using cookies in the browser for click fraud with Adsense. Many people made groups on social media to exchange ad clicks by importing cookies in their browser. These are the cookies of those ads which are of high cost. They click high cost (high CPC) ads in exchange.
First, of we have to understand what is cookie data what cookies actually are and how it is used by sites.

Adsense cookie data click fraud
Adsense cookie data click fraud

Cookies are the small text files which are stored in user's browser cookies contains unique identifier number which is called cookie ID this is basically a string of characters that the servers and that website is attached with that browser in which the cookie data is stored. This ID help website and its servers to distinguish the browser from others that store the same cookies with the other ID. Website recognizes the browser with its unique ID. The website uses cookie data to read customers choices and behaviors. Adsense send cookie data in users browser on clicks and sometimes on impressions as per my knowledge.

So first thing which is cleared here, if you imported cookie data from any community so you are going towards the Adsense block because every browser will have the same ID of cookies and probably it will assume a click from the same browser. Maybe you and your friend are exchanging clicks with the same cookie than it will be a surely invalid click.

My logic: A company starts advertising in America and person in Nigeria having cookie data of that company clicks on that companies ad on a Pakistani site, Although he manages to click on that American ad but legally it's and invalid click because that ad was for American viewers.

What do you think of it??

That money you will earn from this technique is also not permanent google is so clever that you cant imagine. I hope you find your answers. Please write your views in the comment.

Disclaimer: everything which I write in this article and blog are my own experiences and views and I am not an official of any company department or organization.

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Author: Faizan Athar
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