Amazon CPM Ads

Amazon and its affiliate program have no need of an introduction but one more thing for which Amazon is known for is its Amazon CPM ads program.
If you are here then it means you are interested to know about Amazon CPM ads program. Amazon CPM ads program allows you to show ads of other advertisers on your site and then Amazon pays you on Cost per thousand impressions CPM basis for every ad impression.

This is the really interesting CPM ads program and nearly alternative of other CPM ads networks.

Amazon CPM ads
Amazon CPM ads

The formula of Amazon CPM Ads


How much Amazon CPM ads program pays?

For the answer, this question let head over to Amazon let see what Amazon is saying about his Amazon CPM Ads program.
As you can see here is a case study of Coffee Concierge earnings by Amazon CPM Ads. They earned 8.71$. That is huge.

Amazon CPM ads
Amazon CPM Ads

Amazon CPM ads offer you to put a specific bid on your ads for example if any advertiser meets his requirement for this specific bid then his will show on your site on that specific bid.
In another case, if no one meets his requirement then you have an option of passback ad codes there you can put any other ad code of any other company so their ads will be displayed then.
This is the unique and useful feature of Amazon CPM ads network through this feature none of your traffic shall be waste.

If you are interested in joining Amazon CPM ads program then keep on reading but one thing you have to know thatThis is a beta program and only available to some affiliates but you can ask them to activate CPM ads tab in your dashboard.
Activation and approval of Amazon CPM ads are only based on the quality traffic you drive to their site through your links as per my knowledge.
People contacted them and get approved but not in every case.

So let's go to the main topic that how to place Amazon CPM ads on your site.

If you are new and want to get in Amazon affiliate program then register yourself to this program from this link.

after registration process get into your affiliate account and create a site list

Create your site list
Site list is a set of websites that you own or operates and on which you are going to show Amazon CPM Ads. Amazon shows an ad to the only sites which are included in your site list. You need to create only one site list per account. the Amazon CPM ad tab on your dashboard.

Amazon CPM ads
Amazon CPM Ads
Example: Let’s say you own or operate the website If you want to serve ads on the home page of your website which has the URL, you can enter ‘’ or '' in the site list box. You will be able to show Amazon CPM Ads on all pages that fall under this domain.

TIP: You do not need to enter HTTP:// or www at the beginning of your website. 

After that go to Amazon CPM ads tab click on it and
Amazon CPM ad tab
Amazon CPM Ads

Create a new ad code there you will see a new screen like this

amazon cpm ads
Amazon CPM Ads

Fill this box as per your requirement the important thing which you have to understand is Passback Ad Code. Which is explained above? Keep the size of your Amazon and other passback ad code sizes same.
After that click on Create ad code button and get your code to place it into your site where you want to and that is it you have placed an Amazon CPM ad on your site.

Best practice for AMAZON CPM ADS

Amazon wants their publishers to give the best experience to the visitors and their advertisers. Your earnings depend on the quality of your content you have to build the trust of both advertisers and users.

Website visitor experience

when your visitors come to your site through organic search and by directly typing your link they have some expectations with your website for example fulfillment of his need, relevancy of content etc you have to meet all his requirements first.

  • Provide them the original content and content should be relevant
  • A high ratio of content to ads
  • Ads should not be so much similar to site design make it different to the site design to help people know that this is an ad.
  • User-friendly design
  • Show advertisements related to your site niche
  • Do not redirect visitors to an unwanted site
  • Do not show discriminatory, sexually explicit, or fraudulent content.

    Important things to know about Amazon CPM ads:

    • They pay for these ads separately from affiliate income
    • Do not change or modify the ad code otherwise ads will not be display
    Here you can read all the FAQ’s related to Amazon CPM Ads.

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    Author: Faizan Athar
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