Content Strategies for Higher Adsense Earnings

I am sharing my content strategies for higher earnings from Google Adsense it is very simple and extremely easy to understand It has 3 contents which are

1) Write on high competition keywords
2) Write a content which leads to a sale
3) Quality traffic

3 Content Strategies for Higher Adsense Earnings
3 Content Strategies for Higher Adsense Earnings

if you are succeeded to these 3 things you will definitely make a higher income from Adsense. So before I start to explain these 3 content strategies for high Adsense earning go and read my other article How to increase GOOGLE ADSENSE revenue to help understand this article easily.

  • Write on high competition keywords

Keywords which relates to any brand or product with high competition are a good way to show high cpc ads of that keyword or that brand which have a high competition.

Here in this image, you can see I search for the keyword "buy bitcoin". This is a high competition keyword with a lot of advertisements on the page. That means this time advertisers are putting a lot of bids on this keyword for advertisement. You can also see the competition level is 53% and cpc for this keyword is 3.31$.
I am using keyword everywhere extension to know the CPC, competition and competition level you can also download it from the Chrome Browser store.

That means if we use this kind of keywords in our articles that we will get a high CPC for click because there bidding competition is high. :)

The only way to increase revenue from Adsense is to use high CPC and high competition keywords. Many bloggers say they don't get that much CPC of any keyword which that actually holds. This is because there is no competition on that keyword and advertisers are not bidding on that keyword that is why you are not getting high CPC for clicks.

Always use high CPC and high competition keywords for high Adsense earnings.

  • Write a content which leads to a sale

Just think you are paying to your affiliate which never gives you a single sale then why you will keep paying that person??
same goes for us if we do not give sales to the Adsense advertisers Adsense will never put high CPC ads on our site (This is my own presumption). Write post which helps the advertisers to make sales, write good reviews which incite the readers to purchase that specific product. Do not give dishonest reviews that will break your trust for your readership. The more your site will give business the more you will earn. You can also start affiliate marketing on your blog through this way read How to select an affiliate program related to your niche.

  • Quality traffic

Try to get traffic from developed countries because these are the potential buyer there have more chance to buy products. That is why you have to focus on getting traffic from developed countries.
I observed myself that clicks from these countries like USA, UK, and Canada give more than developing countries. Here are my today's stats of one of my blog you can see all of the traffic is coming from developed countries.

Tell me what are your strategies for higher earnings from Adsense with us in the comment for the benefit of others.

Author: Faizan Athar
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