Get Paid To Review Products For Free $$$

What is better than getting paid to reviews products for free. Product reviewing is one of the best sources of income if someone actually knows how it works.

What is product reviewing?

it is simple. . . .

  • You buy a product
  • You write a review about it
  • You get paid to write reviews for products!!

the best part is you don't need to be dishonest while writing you can write whatever you feel.
Here I am presenting some creative ways to write reviews and get paid by them.

get paid review products
Get paid review products

Top Websites to earn money by writing product reviews

list of best websites who pay for writing product reviews.
  • Review Stream
  • Shared Reviews
  • Sponsored Reviews
  • Ciao
  • User Testing
  • Epinions
  • Gen Video

Get paid review products!!
Review stream is one of the best and most popular review sites with thousands of products categories. You can select one of them and write your honest reviews for that product. Review stream is the highest paying site in this industry. It's just not only pay for writing reviews but also pays when someone from that community expresses his opinion on your review.

If you like browsing social site then you will definitely like shared reviews. Shared reviews have more than 400 product categories for write reviews on them.

This website shares 50% of its revenue with its users so there is no limit for you to earn. You not just only paid for your reviews but also paid for reacting to others reviews.

Sponsored Reviews is different from all other sites because this site is only for people who write a blog. Bloggers can earn money by writing reviews about a specific product on their blog. Sponsored reviews pay you from 50 to 500$ for a single review.

(currently, they are not accepting new registrations)

Ciao is one of the most famous sites for paid reviews the feature that makes it unique is its categories. It has some unique categories like travel, places etc on which you can give your reviews.

Ciao has a low payout threshold than others. There is no limit on making money by giving reviews on products your payment depends on ratings given by other people of the community.

I personally like user testing because I think its theme is very beautiful. You have your registers yourself as a tester for testing websites by browsing them. You have to give reviews on their friendliness and loading speed etc.

First, you have to apply as a tester by testing a website then if your application is get approved then you can start testing sites. User testing pays 10$ for a site review.

Epinions cares for the real reviewers that is why they pay you only when someone clicks on your review. This is just for getting rid of fakes reviews.

if you love making videos that Gen video is the best option for your you will get paid for making video reviews. Take a project from Gen video and make a video review on it but you have to be a good speaker for it

another great feature of gen video is its referral program. You can refer your friends and family to this site and can make some commission for it.

Learning is the first step of earning.
I am recommending you to Read this book to get extreme knowledge of Product review. This book will help you to start with this method and will help you to understand how it actually works.

you can also write your views on this topic in the comments section.

Author: Faizan Atharget paid review products
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