Increase Google Adsense Revenue

Are you looking for improvement of Adsense CPC?? Here are some tips that made my CPC to as high as 15$, Yes 15$.

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How to increase GOOGLE ADSENSE revenue
How to increase GOOGLE ADSENSE revenue

First of all, understand there is no shortcut to earning you have to work harder to achieve the goal. Adsense CPC is not depending on users click that the thing you have to understand first. In this article, we will discuss what are the objects which are an obstruction in higher CPC and what should we do to increase CPC and what should we not do.

Following are the things on which Adsense earning depends.
  1. Niche of site
  2. Traffic
  3. Ad placements
  4. Use what Adsense is giving you
  5. Improve AdSense CTR for higher income

So let's start discussing them one by one.

Niche of site

  •      High CPC (cost per click) nice selection
Any niche with high CPC keywords is called high cpc nich. High cpc keywords list can be found on google by typing Adsense High CPC Keywords. This will give you a list of keywords which gives you the most from adsense.
  •      Accuracy of nich

What does aacuracy of nich means??? it means you nich should me complete and concrete. Suppose if you are working on Health and suddenly you start posting about Gaming then this will make google crawlers confuse and they will start ignoring your site for the search result ranking and it will also create a fall in Adsense income.
Always pick a nich and do work on it as much as you can.


  •      Quality traffic
If you don not know what is quality traffic than this will surely going to help you. Traffic with a low bounce rate and is targeted is called quality traffic. In the case of adsense we preffer to get traffic from first world countries mostly from America, Canada, Uk the countries give alot to adsense publishers.
Target your site to these countries from google search console.

  •       Keywords research

     Organic traffic connects with kewords. Always do keyword research before writing anything on your blog because this can increase your cpc and ranking along with you reputation in google's eyes.
use low competition keywords for higher ranking and traffic and high cpc keywords for adsense income.

Ads placements

  •     Ads in Header are the best option for higher cpc
Some people make thousands every month using AdSense on multiple sites. However, even with one blog, you have no reason not to maximize your income by using some basic common sense: place your AdSense ads on those areas of your website or blog on which people tend to spend the most time.
Use Heat Maps a web page which shows where most people tend to spend most of their time and also click the most on you site. Place your ads on that place.

Use what Adsense is giving you

  •      Page level ads

In this section, you will see a verity of ads which are applicable to pc and mobile both platforms but mostly for mobile.
Vintage ads and Anchor/Overlay ads are the best options for mobile devices.
  • Vintage ads covers the whole screen of the device and pushes the user to click on that ad.
  • Anchor/Overly ads sticks to to the edge of the users screen and urges the user to click it or hide it by tapping it.

     Allow & block ads > Content host

Block that ads which are not paying you much. And are irrelevant to you nich.

Improve AdSense CTR for higher income

AdSense Click Through Rate (CTR) is the ratio of visitors to your page who click on an ad. So, if you have 20,000 visitors each month, and you get 40 clicks on AdSense ads, your CTR is 0.2% if you get 500 clicks on ads, your CTR is 2.5%. Irrespective of the CPC, you want your CTR to be as high as possible.


How to increase GOOGLE ADSENSE revenue

  • Selection of  great nich
  • Get quality traffic
  • Ads placements
  • Use google tools
  • Improve Adsense ctr
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    Author: Faizan Athar
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