Internal Linking And SEO

An internal link is a link on a webpage points to another page or resource, such as images or documents, on the same website. But does these internal links really works for search rankings??? This is the topic which we are going to discuss in this article.

What is Internal linking - Does internal links really works for ranking

Purposes of internal links

There are four main purposes of internal linking.
  • Allow users to navigate a website.
  • Help establish information hierarchy.
  • Help spread ranking power around a website.
  • Help search engines discover and organize the content on a website.

I am explaining internal linking through this diagram to help you to clearly understand what does it really means.

In this diagram you can see home page is linked to other pages this is for helping users to navigate the website and also to build a strong network between pages, In this network pages share their ranking authority with each and others.

Let's change the circumstance now!!!

Here you can see top ranked web pages of a site are connected to other pages of a site and transferring their authority to the whole website.
This is not just a presumption I tried this myself and I ranked a site of mine. I am giving you the challenge to interlink your pages and let give some time to search engine bots to crawl your web pages after that tell me what you got from a search engine. I hope you will do good.

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Internal links play an important role in building a strong foundation for a website for SEO purpose. They are not as valuable as external links but they are necessary to any website to help their users to navigate and search engines to explore more data on your site and also to improve rankings of your site.
Author: Faizan Athar
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