Make Website SEO Friendly

How to make SEO friendly WEBSITE. If you want to know how you can make website SEO friendly than keep reading this article till the end. The meaning of SEO is search engine optimization. People who are related to web developing probably know what is SEO and what is SEO friendly website. Without SEO Ranking a website/webpage is impossible. Because most of us depend on search engines nowadays.
Now When we have to research something,  At first we search for A search engine and then we learn about it. So we must do SEO which ranks our website/webpage on a search engine. If we don't do SEO search engines will not be able to show our website or blog to visitors and as a result, you cant reach to your customer/visitor. Today I will make you know if your website is friendly for SEOAnd can you rank it to the top? So let's get started into it.

Make Website SEO Friendly
Make Website SEO Friendly

Some must use HTML Tags for SEO

Using Meta Tags

Meta tags play an important role in taking the website or blog to a better location in search engines. If you do not use meta tags, your website or blog results in search engines will never reach to the best position. Therefore, for a Perfect SEO, you must use essential meta tags such as title, description, keywords etc. on your website or blog, then the search engine will give more importance to the content of your website or blog. And it will help your website or blog reach a good position in the search engine results.

Full Link Usage

To improve your website or blog's SEO, you must use the full link on your website or blog. For example, if your website or blog has a link to a content such as, then you must modify it to . Because search engines give more importance to the link 'where the content' is mentioned.

Using header tags

Header tags are used for good quality SEO and it plays a very important role. Header tags are HTML tags up to h1-h5. Let's tell the search engine about the content of your webpage. This tag is an important tag for every webpage. With this tag, you will be able to know about the content of your webpage, which will make search engines more attractive to you.

Image Alternative Tags

This tag tells search engines what is this/ an image about. We know search engines cannot see any images, So this tag explains the search engine about the content of your film. So this tag is a very important tag, but we often do not use this tag in an unrealistic way. So in my opinion, the use of this tag for a perfect SEO is immense.

Website speed optimization

For a website or blog's perfect SEO, the website or blog should have a good speed. In my opinion, 70% of their sites lose their visitor due to their backward speed. If your website or blog speed is not good, then your website or blog cannot be taken to a better location even in the search engine results. If the website or blog speed is not improved, then search engines will neglect your website or blog. To improve the speed of your website or blog, you need to use the good quality CSS and optimize the images of the site, such as using the CSS shortcut, using a lower-sized image or resizing the image.

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Hopefully, this post will help you improve SEO on your website or blog, and you will be able to take your website or blog to a better location in search engine results. Thank you for reading the post.

Author: Faizan Athar
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