Protect Google AdSense Account From Invalid Clicks

How to protect Google Adsense account from invalid clicks, this task is more difficult than getting the approval for it. Click bombing or invalid activity is not less than a nightmare for a blogger.

It is such a difficult task to keep Adsense account secure, Publishers are solely responsible for any invalid activity on their Adsense account.

The publisher will be liable for invalid clicks and activity and any other suspicious thing. You have to keep an eye on the stats of Google Adsense.

Always be online to check incoming clicks you can download Google Adsense app to check your stats anywhere.

How To Protect Google AdSense Account From Invalid Clicks

Invalid clicks and activity

Clicks and impressions which are done intentionally for increasing publishers revenue are considered as invalid clicks, for example, asking people for clicking your ads or clicking by changing your IP or using automatic tools for clicks or software for automatic traffic are included in invalid activity and clicks which are generated by this way are called invalid clicks. Not just publishers but any person can do the invalid activity on your account, for example, your friends or your competitors who get jealous of you can do click bombing on your ads.

when a malicious user starts clicking your ads to make your Adsense get banned will be called click bombing.

Here is what google says about invalid clicks.

Tips To Protect Google AdSense Account From Invalid Clicks Activity

Keep eye on your stats

Always stay in touch with your Adsense account to monitor what is going on. You must know your daily clicks average to know if this situation is normal or not. When you notice any inappropriate situation contact google as soon as possible this is the Invalid Clicks Form you can use for Adsense invalid clicks report. Adsense invalid clicks report allows you to tell Google Adsense about invalid clicks and invalid activity on your Google Adsense account. Adsense team will then check your account and will monitor it to make it safe.

Use of plugins to protect Adsense

If you are using WordPress as your blogging platform use plugins to protect your Adsense account form invalid clicks. There are many plugins that prevent invalid clicks and activities on your blog. One of the best and free plugin to prevent invalid clicks is Adsense Click Fraud Monitoring Plugin.
Plugins can also be used to block specific countries from where invalid clicks are coming. Google Ad Manager (DFP) is an ad management tool which supports filtering countries and shows ads.

Use the authorized sites feature to prevent unauthorized use of your ad code

Google Adsense provides a very good feature for Authorized sites to prevent invalid click activities.

Site authorization is the feature which restricts people to your ad codes for malicious purpose as they are visible publicly. Get your site in the verified list and turn this feature on for your protection.

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Author: Faizan Athar
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