Website Monetization [Pro Strategies]

Website Monetization [Pro Strategies]
I know website monetization is important for many site owners so that is why I am today discussing 5 ways to monetize a website keep on reading so you can know what I am talking about

the main thing is to collect payments from your visitors simply add a payment button into your website are you can ask them for donations to your website so you can earn a handsome amount every month you can use PayPal or 2checkout for this purpose you can also give them a chance to subscribe your blog or a website on monthly basis If you are using any other platform like wordpress they have an option of add payment button in their business plan. Second step is advertising on your website.

Website Monetization
Website Monetization

Advertise on your website

so you can earn some amount after every month. AdSense and Facebook and wordads are now the major sources of advertisement on blog or website. Wordads are the advertising program from wordpress. It is not difficult to get a wordads account when a user upgrades its blog or website to the premium or business plan it automatically gets the access to word ads program. Bloggers which have a free account and have heavy traffic on the block can also apply for the word add program but here one thing must keep in mind that only bloggers with custom domain can apply for it.

Accept sponsored posts

from the sponsors to earn some money buysellads are the platform where you can buy Ads for your website directly from the advertiser or you can also directly accept payment from the advertiser to post something on your website or blog without any third party like buysellads.

Affiliate linking or marketing

put your affiliate link into your blog post for example if you are reading about a book you can put a link to a related book like "hey I bought this book from YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE and you can also buy it from here. when your user will buy that book from that link you will earn some Commission on it. the most popular network for the affiliate marketing is Amazon you can sign up free on Amazon and also read an article on Amazon and affiliate marketing to it is a complete guide that you can apply on your blogging and affiliate marketing. one more good feature of Amazon is Amazon CPM ads which is also good source of income for bloggers read the article on Amazon CPM Ads you can know better about it. Amazon also giving you extension which which can be integrate in browser and it automatically suggest you the links which can you put in your article naturally.

Sell physical or Digital products or accept donations or tips

Selling could be a major source of income for any Browser you can integrate a third party store like woocommerce on your website and you can sell anything either physical or not easily you can also accept donations and tips on your website from your visitors through any payment facilitator like Paypal or 2checkout. you can also start a drop-shipping business on your website many people are already doing gate and making a large sum of money every month.

Promote Referring links

promote any offer on your website or blog for example start doing CPA marketing which means cost per action or cost per acquisition you will get paid on every action which is performed by the user on the website of the party for which you are doing marketing. for example if you are doing a task of signing up users on the website of the party and people are signing up for your link which is either on your website or any other platform which is prescribed in their agreement which is signed before you will get paid every time.

you can also promote products of other companies and can get Commission on it it is really easy all you need is the real traffic real human traffic, for this purpose you can use social media accounts are you can do SEO Search Engine Optimization you can read our article on Search Engine Optimization how it works and how to write blog post according to SEO and which type of SEO you should not do the main purpose is to make understand search engines that what you are your site is containing for this purpose we have to make your site SEO friendly.

I hope this article Website Monetization Pro Strategies will help you in your journey of making money from blogging.