How to increase Domain Authority [7 days challenge]

Before we proceed to learn how to increase Domain Authority,  it is of benefit to understand first a question that might be lingering in the mind of a newbie - What is Domain authority (DA) and What does it mean so it'll easier to easily learn how to work towards increasing it.

"Domain authority is some kind of a ranking signal to search engines (SE) that entails how good and fast a website will be ranked concerning specific keywords.

 This method was developed by MOZ to understand better and predict how a search engine should rank a site.
 Moz calculates the Domain Authority of a website through the links which are coming towards that specific site (  that is - inbound links) another factor that influences the domain authority of a site is its Trust Level. The trust level of a Website as measured by MOZ plays an important factor in increasing Domain Authority."

How to increase Domain Authority

MOZ is a digital services providing company which sells marketing software, solutions, and subscriptions but the question is how they measure the trust level for a site. Well, it depends on the spam level which can be checked by its tool which is called the  MOZ bar you can download it in your browser to check DA, PA and Spam level of a site instantly. An alternative way to check the spam score of a website is to use the Moz Open Site Explorer -OSE from 

How to Check the DA ( Domain Authority) of any website. 

NOW, You know what DA is and now its time to show you how you can manually check your Domain Authority through MOZ so you can know where you stand.

For this purpose, you have to open MOZ's Open site explorer

How to increase Domain Authority

put your domain name in the search bar and press "search". You will then get the results. 

In this illustration, we will check the DA and PA of Google.

How to increase Domain Authority

This is how you check DA of a site.

Watch the related video for better understandings:

How to Increase The Domain Authority Of A Website Or Blog

The main reason you landed on this page is that you asked yourself either or both of the following questions: 

  1. How Can I Increase the Domain Authority of my Website or 
  2. What is The Meaning Of Domain Authority or 
  3. How can I Check The Domain Authority Of A  Website? 

I believe we have Answered questions 2 & 3 above. It's now time to learn how to increase the Domain Authority of a website. 

 I am not going to mince words here, Do the be below, and I promise you a steady and rapid increase in your Domain Authority. 
  • Publish Quality Content and increase its Publish Frequency
  • Work on Your ON-Page SEO
  • Send Quality links to your site
  • Internal Linking
  • Increase the Age of Your Domain

Publish Quality Content and increase its Publish Frequency

Content is the key to success in the growth of any site or blog. 
 If you want to rank higher and build trust to increase your authority than you have to update your content every day. Almost 60% of marketers update their content daily to rank higher on Google.
A personal experience of mine is that sites which update their content daily increased their authority rapidly so, make this the number one factor for you. 

You can also make your content more interesting by adding multimedia like images, videos, infographics, tweets and Facebook posts in it so it will become user-friendly and people will like to stay more time on your page to watch videos and info-graphics and this will decrease your bounce rate and will increase your DA.

Your ON-Page SEO

Do your proper ON-Page SEO to make page Search Engine friendly this will rank your content higher and will automatically gain a lot of back-links and will increase its DA and PA itself.

Quality links to your site

Try to get quality links to your site by using white hat SEO techniques. This will show Search Engines that other sites trust you and are referring their readers to your site. This action will automatically increase your DA in no time.

Internal Linking

If you do not know what Internal Linking is and how it works in SEO then read this article from my blog What is Internal linking - Do internal links really works for ranking
This article will teach you each and everything about internal linking and how it works in increasing your search engine rankings.

Grow the Age of your Domain 

As much as the domain will be old that much will be the domain authority will be increased. Domain Authority increases gradually day by day do your work and let it be free to increase on its own.

Now move on to the next section the article which is FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions about Domain Authority

  • Does domain authority matter

It depends on where you are trying to implement it,  if it is asking in a way of rankings then YES is matters a lot.

  • Factors that affect domain authority

Factors that affect DA are low-quality content, links from spammy or low-quality sites.

  • How long does it take to build domain authority

It increases gradually but you can increase its speed by getting quality links and posting high-quality content day by day.

  • What is good domain authority score
If your DA is 20+ then its good
If it is 40+ it is very good
Everything above 60 if excellent

Experts Opinion

"This article is contributed by Faizan Athar"

Author: Faizan Athar

Exclusive Tip by Faizan Athar:
Check spam score of all links which are pointing to your site and remove all links whose spam score is higher by submitting them to search engines like Google this is called Disavow links. Which means I do not need them and sends a signal to Google to take them away from my site.
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